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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women

Hosted by Meagan Crawford, the Mission Eve podcast is dedicated to the inspiration and empowerment of the women who will lead our species to settle new worlds. From a terrestrial perspective, achieving gender parity may be helpful, beneficial, or even profitable, but the space industry has an entirely different problem when it comes to permanent human settlements in space. Settlements (true, sustaining, long-term settlements) will need a minimum of 51% women for biological reasons, among many others. 

Currently, women only represent 25% of all Aerospace employees. And to date, only 11% of the people who have explored space have been women. At Mission Eve, we believe that the most important contribution we can make to increasing the number of women working, and eventually living in space, is through sharing the journeys of the women who are already doing it. By sharing these stories, we hope that the next generation of women – those who will actually settle new worlds – will find the role models, mentors, and inspiration they need today so that they can be the founders of new human settlements of tomorrow.



Episode 0104: Deborah Tomek

Deborah Tomek’s journey to become the Acting Director of NASA STED was far from easy. While at times struggling with self-doubt and confidence, she reminds us what it means to listen to your inner voice and strive to become the mentor you wish you had when you were younger. She’s worked on wind-tunnel tests, led research on the Space Shuttle heat shield, and so much more—all leading to her current position at NASA STED, which develops the technology that, years from now, will forever change how we live and work in space.

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Episode 0103: Taylor Winkleman

Taylor Winkleman is a Senior Consultant at LMI and is a vocal advocate for comprehensive space policy in Washington D.C. However, when Taylor was about to graduate high school, she had no clue what she wanted to do with her life. From becoming a linguist in the Army to briefly practicing as a licensed veterinarian, Taylor’s self-defined circuitous path has equipped her to be a vital space advocate for policy that will help lead Earthlings to the stars. 

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Episode 0102: Kelly Larson

Kelly Larson’s path from Iowan farm girl to CEO of Aquarian Devices is far from a straight line, but the lessons she learned through her experiences as an entrepreneur, event producer, yogi, consultant and PhD candidate have prepared her what she defines as “the biggest challenge” of her life: Leading the firm that will ultimately build the future of deep space telecommunications. 

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Episode 0101: Andrea Harrington

In this episode of Mission Eve, Meagan speaks with Andrea Harrington, Associate Professor and Director of the Schriever Scholars Space Concentration at USAF Air Command and Staff College. Andrea talks about growing up in the Greater Boston area, her path to becoming an expert in space law & policy, and how things like Sci-Fi and Live Action Role Playing might seem like things to simply enjoy, but can actually lead to practical applications.

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