Coming September 2019

Who is building the Space Economy?

Space engenders the wonder in every human. There’s so much to discover, learn, and develop out there beyond our terrestrial bounds that one can’t help but dream of the future that could be possible. However, a future in space is a lot closer than you might realize and there are some amazing people building the businesses that will help get us there. There is content out there that dreams of what’s possible, but those hopes can become disconnected from reality. And there is content out there that explores what’s being built right now, but sometimes you need to be a rocket scientist to understand all the jargon. The Center for Space Commerce and Finance is creating content that will help you know what is possible in the next 5 years with the hope of inspiring you to create the next business of the future.



Talkin’ Up Space

Hosted by CSCF & Company, this podcast hosts discussions with leading space entrepreneurs that highlights their products, go in-depth on the intricacies and challenges of building the modern space economy, and the initial motivations that brought those entrepreneurs to consider space as their chosen field of interest.

Mission Eve

Hosted by Meagan Crawford, Mission Eve is a podcast dedicated to the inspiration and empowerment of the woman who will lead our species to settle new worlds.  Settlements (true, sustaining, long-term settlements) will need a minimum of 51% women. Yet, women only represent 25% of the Aerospace industry and 11% of the people who have actually explored space. Mission Eve will share stories of the women who are shaping the future of space today, with the hope of inspiring the next generation of women who will settle new worlds.

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