A Vision for Long Term Space Investment

First delivered in 2008, this was the paper that started it all. Discover the trail to “Space-Scalable” before it even had a name.

Prizes as a Driver of Commercial Space Innovation, Case Study: The Business Plan Competition

In this work, published in 2012, the author defines what “Prize Model 2.0” looks like, and the differences and inherent advantages over the more traditional prize model

Kickstarting New Space: A brief introduction to crowd funding as a means to jump start space-related entrepreneurial enterprises

Published in 2014, the author gives a brief overview to the world of crowd funding, and where the possibilities and challenges are for space-related startups.

But Will it Blend?: An overview of the relative ability of Incubators and Accelerators to nurture and fund space-related startup enterprises

Where the author compares this model to other more established ones for space-oriented startups. First delivered in 2016