Sugarhouse Aerospace Wins 2018 NSBPC in Austin

On November 9, 2018, the Center for Space Commerce and Finance (CSCF) announced Sugarhouse Aerospace as the winner of the NewSpace Business Plan Competition (NSBPC) that took place as a part of the New Worlds Conference in Austin, TX. Sugarhouse Aerospace has created a business model that focuses on the niche market of suborbital launches with the hopes of dramatically lowering the cost associated with accessing space to just $1,000 a customer by fitting 100 customer payloads on one launch vehicle. The grand prize of $2,500 was presented by Austin Dula on behalf of the Heinlein Prize Trust.

Sugarhouse Aerospace wins the Fall 2018 NewSpace Business Plan Competition. Pictured from left to right:
Judge Dustin Boyer, CSCF Founder Meagan Crawford, Sugarhouse CEO Steve Heller, Heinlein Prize Trust Trustee Austin Dula, and Sugarhouse team members Riley Meik, Alex Laraway, and Patrick Walton

The panel of five judges had a difficult decision to make with other competitors like Slooh, an online service that makes it easier for people to be astronomers, and Froberg Aerospace, which has a developed a propulsion system that can use both electric and chemical propellants in the same system. Ultimately, it was Sugarhouse’s low cost niche market focus that stood out in a field of tough NSBPC competition, but also as a strong business model for an increasingly crowded launch industry.

Additionally, there was also an audience choice award which was awarded to Slooh. CEO Michael Paolucci told us about Slooh’s mission to make looking at the stars easier than ever by creating an simple user interface that lets customers connect to and control some of the most powerful telescopes on the planet. Slooh believes that by getting more people to look up at the stars, it will be able to inspire the next wave of dreamers who will help get us there.

The judges for this competition included Austin Dula, Legal Advisor to Heinlein Trust; Karen Cruden, Project Management Leader at SSL; Gavin Gillas, General Partner at SpaceFund; Stephan Reckie, Founding Management Member of Angelus Funding and organizer with SpaceCom; and Dustin Boyer, Commercialization Manager at DARPA.

About the Center for Space Commerce and Finance
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About the NewSpace Business Plan Competition
The flagship project of CSCF is the NewSpace Business Plan Competition. Over 200 companies have participated in this educational program to date, gaining real-world fundraising experience and practical advice on how to improve their business models. Since 2006, the competition has awarded over $350,000 in prizes to promising startups. Along the way, more than 60 companies were publicly showcased to investors and customers, catalyzing millions in deal flow.

About the Heinlein Prize Trust
The Heinlein Prize Trust honors the memory of Robert A. Heinlein, a renowned American author. The purpose of the Heinlein Prize is to encourage and reward progress in commercial space activities that advances Robert and his wife Virginia’s dream of humanity’s future in space. Efforts include: The Heinlein Prize for Accomplishments in Commercial Space Activities, The Microgravity Research Competition, The Heinlein Commercial Space Activity Prize, and The “Flight Into the Future” international contests. Find out more:

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