The space industry has entered a new era where space commercialization brings together actors from academia, space agencies, and the private sector. Together are identifying innovative approaches to foster international cooperation for space-related activities such as exploration, satellites, habitats, resources utilization (including asteroids), space debris solutions, and more with this, promoting the diversification of budget for all sectors of the space industry, creating new space markets for businesses and job opportunities for people. Therefore the International Astronautical Federation-Space Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (IAF-SEIC), the Center for Space Commerce and Finance (CSCF), and The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) Commercial Space Project Group are joining this trend and partnering to bring forward the NewSpace Business Plan Competition (BPC) and Entrepreneur Boot-camp to the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2022. Join our 3 days event, starting with the Entrepreneur Boot-Camp providing mentoring the BPC Finalists. Our grand finale Panel Session open to all on Sept 20th comprises experts and top leaders in the space industry. They will share how the BPC review process is done live, share the results of our Boot-Camp, and disclose how entrepreneurial space companies can turn problem-solving and game-changing technologies into functioning businesses supporting the commercial space industry! If you wish to learn the secrets of building a successful space enterprise, you cannot miss this Panel Session at the IAC!

BPC Program

Bootcamp on September 18  15:00 – 18:00 

Bootcamp on September 19 – 15:00 – 18:00

Stage-Panel Session on September 20 – Open to the Public – Room N02 – Time/slot 15:30 – 17:00


For more information, please contact the BPC – Project Managers:

Thomas A. Olson:

Nancy C. Wolfson:


 Many were called, but only six could be chosen.  Meet the Finalists for the 22nd NewSpace Business Plan Competition:


 Astralintu specializes in space logistics and ground segment operations, offering in-orbit satellite missions and ground station tracking. Our services facilitate fast, effortless, and reliable access to space and its data for businesses, governments, and educational organizations. Astralintu seeks to pioneer the New Space industry in Latin America and accelerate the region’s participation in the space industry.

 CELESTIAL (Germany)

 Celestial Space Technologies GmbH specializes in customized-to-order, high-performance antennas for transmission of telemetry, control, and payload data which integrate seamlessly into single satellite missions and constellations. The antennas can be designed for different frequency bands and are readily available if minimal modifications are required or will be completely customized to the desired mission profile.


 As of 2022, there has not yet been a mission to capture a piece of orbital debris. As such, there is growing demand for a debris removal solution, available at an affordable rate, for a wide variety of potential targets for various customers. KMI offers to: 

  • Provide a cost-, time-, and resource-efficient ADR solution for legacy debris
  • Protect space assets for industry, academia, government, and military missions
  • Target at least 10 debris removals per year to slow Kessler Syndrome


Progresja Space offers a suite of products and services for transporting assets from point A to B anywhere in space using reusable orbital vehicles, providing operators with timely and affordable access to any space destination. Progresja offers a transportation service using its reusable orbital shuttle and motorized dispensers for deploying the satellites to any destination in space, at 10x lower cost and up to 85% faster.

SPiN  (Luxembourg)

Space Products and Innovation (SPIN) is simplifying space manufacturing by transforming satellites into modular systems. Their product, MA61C, is a universal plug and play adapter that allows for assembling satellites like Legos. MA61C holds all available standards enabling modularity and seamless integration without the need to choose a standard.