We have yet another great group of competitors looking to get exposure to a new audience, some great coaching, and a chance at a $5000 Grand Prize sponsored by Foundation for the Future:


Celestial is developing a “smart antenna tile”, to be deployed and integrated with large satellite constellations, like those proposed by StarLink, OneWeb and Amazon, in a novel, and less costly, phase-array approach. Each tile individually can send and receive on a single frequency (duplex communication). Individual tiles can be combined to form a multi-tile antenna. The multi-tile system can operate across multiple frequencies. The antenna beam is electronically controlled, which means the antenna does not require mechanical pointing. 

Esper Satellite Imagery

Esper is a startup developing a novel hyperspectral imagery satellite constellation. The constellation will provide regular, global coverage at hundreds of layers for any point of interest. Individuals from varying fields such as Earth observation, disaster NGOs, agriculture, and mining will have unprecedented data on the ongoing changes of the planet and of the unseen features already present.

Off Planet Research

Off Planet Research (OPR) is developing a self-cleaning dust and regolith tolerant connector that can be used for either gas or fluid transfer on the surface of the Moon, Mars, or other worlds. The connector does not rely on soft seals that will quickly become brittle due to intense temperatures or volatile depletion in the vacuum of space. It will be well-suited for use in the ultra-cold permanently shadowed regions of the Moon and is adaptable for quick operation by a robot or suited astronaut.

SpaceBorn United

Preparing independent human settlements beyond Earth (e.g. Mars) also requires learning how to reproduce in space, an ethically delicate challenge very difficult to address for large parties. Upcoming space nations desire to claim unique achievements in space for geo-political advantage. HNWI’s want (their offspring) to be part of this next step in our evolution. Our mission’s program and biomedical equipment provide the solution for all three.

Space Industries

The founders of Space Industries are beginning to develop a process to access the massive stores of helium-3 on the Moon. Until recently, this idea would be considered outlandish fiction. However, technology today has allowed for a very practical technique to safely access helium-3 for the good of humanity.

The Little Jet Company

TLJC is developing a high speed, high altitude UAV, the first UAV to be manufactured using composite graphene technologies, and potentially the first to break Mach 1.

Varga Ltd.

Varga is an “asteroid mining company” promising to deploy new power technologies for faster and greater productivity.


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