, co-host and showrunner for the “Sharks in Space” space business pitch event at the upcoming NewWorlds Conference in Austin, TX, Apr 10-24, is happy to announce that there will be a $5000 Grand Prize award for this competition, sponsored by Livingston Securities, a brokerage/investment firm based in New York.  Founder and CEO Scott Livingston will also be the first official Judge selected for the competition.

From Livingston Securities website:

“Livingston Securities is dedicated to providing corporate finance and strategic advisory services to corporate clients and sales, trading and related services to institutional investors and high net worth individuals who focus on disruptive technologies and their impact on healthcare, energy, infrastructure and other leading sectors of the American and global economy.

Our goal is to provide a unique perspective and expertise on investments in nanotechnology and in companies that are commercializing and/or impacted by scientific advances in the emerging field of nanotechnology.”

About Scott Livingston:  

“Mr. Livingston has been working on emerging technologies at Wall Street firms for 25 years and has specialized in nanotechnologies since 2002. Mr. Livingston has been called “sharp and highly connected” by the Forbes Wolfe Nanotechnology Report (July 1, 2005) and has been a keynote speaker on advanced technology investment trends in more than 30 states across America, including at MIT, the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), Brookhaven National Labs, Rice University Center for Nanotechnology, the Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Albany Nanotech, the President’s National Economic Council, numerous US congressional committees. In addition, the “Livingston Nanotechnology Conference,” is Wall Street’s largest and longest running annual nanotechnology investor conference, now in its 10th year.

Mr. Livingston has often been called “the King of Nanotechnology on Wall Street” and Livingston Securities was founded to change the way that innovation is financed on Wall Street and to connect people with their local innovation economy.”



There is still 10 days left to apply to compete in this event. We are seeking bold new startups that want to enable the settlement of the High Frontier by humanity, and make a decent dollar/euro/BTC doing it.

The process is simple. Fill out the form, attach a 1-3 page Executive Summary, click Send. That’s it. 

We meet up in Austin on Nov 16th for an all day Bootcamp, and you present to the judges the morning of the 18th.
The $5000 award will be announced during the famous “Space Cowboy Ball”, Saturday night the 18th.

Apply here:

Main conference site:


The Center for Space Commerce and Finance has now hosted 23 of these events since 2009.  We have a proven flight heritage, with dozens of companies getting great exposure, assist and capital. (YES, THERE WILL BE INVESTORS IN THE ROOM!). There will only be 5-6 places available due to strict time constraints at the event itself. So be one of them! See you there!