The Center for Space Commerce and Finance (CSCF) is excited to announce the finalists for the NewSpace Business Plan Competition. This event will be held on November 15th in Austin, TX in partnership with the 2019 New Worlds Conference. Competitors will participate in a half-day bootcamp on November 14th to prepare themselves to present to a panel of top-tier space investors the following morning. The winner will be announced in the evening of November 15th.

Thanks to generous sponsors like Heinlein Prize Trust, SpaceFund, and Earthlight Foundation, we will be awarding $2,500 to the winner of the competition and a $1,000 Audience Choice award.

Here are our competitors in alphabetical order:

Aquarian Devices
The near future of humanity includes life in space. This requires high data rate, high data volume communications. The current reality offers extremely limited space communications, with all space pioneers building to the limitations of the provider networks, rather than to their desires and needs. Aquarian Devices is changing the paradigm of space exploration –cheaper, faster, more accessible communication for all.

Arch Rift
Arch Rift is an emergency, automatically deploying pressurized oxygen helmet for use in space tourism and the space colonies of the future.

BNNano is a nanotech solutions provider that manufactures novel materials enabling the development of disruptive applications and products. Our core product, the Boron Nitride NanoBarb™, delivers vast improvements over existing Boron Nitride Nanotube solutions. An engineered irregular surface is what sets NanoBarbs™ apart, providing more beneficial chemical & physical properties than similar products. The result is a cost effective nano-material for use by businesses across many of industries including the space industry.

CrowdSpace provides global carbon emission monitoring platform based on AI-powered processing of satellite imagery, multispectral, greenhouse gases and ground sensor data with a focus on agriculture, forestry and land-use

Exodus Orbitals
The primary goal of Exodus Orbitals is the development of “software-defined satellite” technology, creating an application development platform in outer space, similar in spirit to iOS App Store or Google Play.

Neutron Star Systems
The future of spaceflight is bright – and electric! At Neutron Star Systems (NSS), we are developing electric propulsion systems which will unlock the future of spaceflight. Our SUPREME technology is based on the combination of 60 years of MPD research heritage and the use of high-temperature superconductors as a key enabling technology. For high-power missions, the SUPREME thruster will be cheaper and faster than the competition.

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