August 19, 2021

The Center for space Commerce and Finance, along with Foundation for the Future, are honored to announce the winner of the 2nd All-Virtual NewSpace Business Plan Competition:  Esper Satellite Imagery, of Melbourne, Australia. In addition to attention from an entirely new audience of entrepreneurs and potential investors, Esper will receive a check for US$5,000 from the event sponsor, Foundation for the Future.

Esper Satellite Imagery is a startup developing a novel hyperspectral imagery constellation for space. The constellation will provide regular, global coverage at hundreds of layers for any point of interest. Individuals from varying fields such as Earth observation, disaster NGOs, agriculture, and mining will have unprecedented data on the ongoing changes of the planet and of the unseen features already present.

“We’re delighted to be awarded this prize and would love to thank CSCF Space and F4F for the opportunity given to us even though we’re seas apart. It’s helped our company chisel out our pitch further and has given us insights into our own business’ trajectory.”, said Esper Founder and CEO Shoaib Iqbal. “Esper Satellite Imagery is building a constellation of satellites that will capture data on material compositions of every location on the earth regularly. Esper is launching two demonstration missions within the next year which will be followed up with their first small satellite installments into their space data infrastructure.”

We want to again thank our amazing coaches:  Kevin Russell, Jason Held, Robert Jacobson, Michael Laine, and Jef Krukin for their great assist with all the companies who presented.

We also want to thank our judges, Eva-Jane Lark, Dave Hynek, and Amaresh Kollipara for their experience and insights.

And finally, our heartfelt thanks go to all the great people at Foundation for the Future, whose sponsorship and support make this all happen.

We are looking forward to see the next slate of companies in the 3rd All-Virtual NewSpace Business Plan Competition, coming in November. Stay tuned to this space for announcements!