May 5th, 2021

The Center for Space Commerce and Finance is proud to announce the winner of our first ever All-Virtual NewSpace BPC for 2021.

Venture Ingredients, based in Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA, were the victors in the online contest, held Wednesday, May 5th, as part of an event entitled “Conversations for the Future”, May 4 and 5, sponsored by Foundation for the Future, which also sponsored a $5000 Grand Prize for the winner.

The judges for the competition, Michael Mealling, Shubber Ali and Ernie Knight, said that Venture Ingredients, out of all 6 Finalist competitors, got the edge for the best plan to reach early revenues and profitability. 

Venture Ingredients is developing a closed-system that can process solid human waste into fish meal, which in turn can sustain a variety of food fish that humans generally prefer. This system, while initially designed for space experimentation, can also be expanded to add value in a very lucrative waste processing market right here on earth, adding to human food supplies at the same time. 

Said Founder and CEO, Brett Peterson, ”The New Space Business Plan Competition has given us a vital boost into the Space community, and will dramatically increase our ability to advance long-term, space-based food production for humanity’s future in the stars. We at Venture Ingredients are both honored and ecstatic to receive this award and the new opportunities and connections it has unlocked.”  

“This first of its kind all-virtual NewSpace BPC is opening new doors in developing up and coming space, space-related, and space-scalable early stage firms, offering them exposure to an entirely new audience,”  remarked Thomas Andrew Olson, Co-Founder and Chair of “In addition to the great teams that were Finalists, we want to also express extreme gratitude to the judges, coaches, and sponsors of this event, without whose superb efforts, this would not have been possible.”

Given the ongoing feedback being received by by the sponsors and organizers of Conversations for the Future, there may be as many as two more events in 2021, the next being tentatively scheduled for August. Stay tuned to our website for further news and announcements.