The Center for Space Commerce and Finance, in conjunction with Foundation for the Future and Blue Marble Week, introduce the eight Finalists, representing 6 countries from around the world, for the first all-virtual NewSpace Business Plan Competition, to be held May 4th-5th, 2021, during the Blue Marble Week series of events. 

They are:

Astroport Space Technologies, Inc. – US

ASTROPORT was founded with a vision to design, deploy, and operate interplanetary landing ports to facilitate safe, reliable, and efficient spaceflights to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Irradiance Inc. – Ethiopia

Irradiance will deploy at least 10 discrete space-based solar power systems in Low Earth Sun- Synchronous Orbit and install over 10 ground receiving rectennas in different parts of the earth. Irradiance direct clients are the Grids or aggregators that then distribute power to the users. The target is to sell power at $0.01/KWh and stabilize the grids. Customer discovery has been done with several clients that have given the main requirements in the power procurement plans. The business feasibility has been done using available data and the business is viably profitable.

LifeShip – USA

LifeShip is a Direct-to-Consumer mass-market space and genomics company. LifeShip opens a new market segment within genomics for people to preserve their genetic code in an eternal record of humanity.

Mars Society Kenya – Kenya

MARS SOCIETY KENYA is in the process of establishing a Mars Habitat Simulation Programme / Research Station to be set up in the country (in a remote region, probably in the furthest parts of Turkana County in Northern Kenya), where the citizens and any other willing party can practice and experiment on a Martian-like environment, even as we purpose to eventually have a human presence on Mars.

Orbital Space Satellite Services Co LLC – UAE

Orbital Space vision is to make space accessible to all. To achieve this vision Orbital Space business is to facilitate educational space missions and engagement activities in support of space research and education capacity building

Spaceway – Portugal

Spaceway is a NewSpace organization from Portugal pushing forward space education, outreach, and technological innovation. The organization emerged from a volunteer movement of aerospace university students with the mission of igniting curiosity about space and pushing Portugal into the NewSpace sector. Unsettled by the lack of hands-on education and opportunities in Portugal, we decided to organize our projects, and become the Way to Space.

The Little Jet Company – UK

Goals:  (1) Showcase the use of graphene in an aerospace environment demonstrating its superior qualities over traditional materials, (2) Crossover from model aircraft to high speed, high altitude UAV,

(3) Stretch the aircraft systems by going beyond visual range and attempt to break the sound barrier with rocket assistance at altitude with a scale radio-controlled aircraft.

Venture Ingredients – US

Venture Ingredients was founded to create food for the future. As a company, we commercialize novel ingredients, botanicals, and proteins and integrate them into modern supply chains through strategic partnerships with growers, suppliers, formulators, and manufacturers. We also identify and overcome specific technical, economic, and market gaps in providing food for the future through invention, innovation, and interconnection.

Over the coming days, the Finalists will be able to engage with our great coaching team, 1-on-1, to polish both their pitches and their written proposals to garner maximum impact with our judges. 

As always, when considering these teams, our judges are given a single key question:  “Would you invest your own money into one of these companies?”

More to come – stay tuned!

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