Announcing the Finalists for the Summer 2019
NewSpace Business Plan Competition in Seattle, WA

The Center for Space Commerce and Finance (CSCF) is excited to announce the finalists for the NewSpace Business Plan Competition. This event will be held on July 17th in Seattle, WA in partnership with NewSpace Conference 2019. Competitors will participate in a half-day bootcamp on July 16th to prepare themselves to present to a panel of top-tier space investors the following morning. The winner will be announced in the evening of July 17th.

Thanks to generous sponsors like Heinlein Prize Trust, SpaceFund, and many more, we will be awarding $2,500 to the winner of the competition and a $1,000 Audience Choice award.

Here are our competitors in alphabetical order:

Blue Asteroids
Blue Asteroids is a space startup founded in 2018 with the aim of mining asteroids and bringing humanity closer to becoming a spacefaring civilization. Our first mission is empowering space startups and universities to explore the Universe through their own missions by developing a Revolutionary Low-Cost Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft.

Exodus Space
Exodus Space believes space transportation will be defined by fully reusable and efficient, AI-driven horizontal takeoff and landing spaceplanes. Utilizing our patented designs and forward thinking in multipurpose launch vehicles, our goal is to transform how we access space.

Green Launch
Green Launch is an just-in-time, hypersonic, space cannon that uses hydrogen to economically launch satellites and supplies into space with low environmental impact. In less than 14 months our system has reached hypersonic velocities and we are positioned to break the vertical ballistic launch record of 200 km.  Our next development phase will be to orbit a 1kg payload as Proof-of-Concept for this kinetic launch approach that can be used to achieve orbit from the Earth, Moon or Mars.

Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc.
Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. is a nanosatellite systems and service company on a mission to build the first dedicated cubesat-class reusable launch system that allows for regular, scheduled orbital access at an unprecedented rate and cost. We are developing technologies to enable a complete end-to-end solution for reliable commercial access to space. We provide launch services with our Phoenix vehicle as well as cubesat systems sales and mission integration services.

UK launch company leveraging proven British space technology to provide a cost-effective and reliable launch service to LEO for the global small satellite market

Stofiel Aerospace
Stofiel Aerospace is offering a balloon-based small satellite launcher with unique capabilities for the educational, commercial, and governmental markets.

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